FYNSA Stockbroker is composed of professionals who know their client's needs, thus providing them with the best access to local and foreign markets.

The money desk team is characterized by working with energy, passion and flexibility in responding to the dynamic requirements we receive on a daily basis.

Products and services

Money Market Funds

Mutual funds that invest in debt instruments (fixed income), where the duration of the fund's investment portfolio is less than or equal to 90 days.

Low Complexity / Low Volatility

Time Deposits

A financial transaction where the amount, interest rate and term are agreed upon. Once the term is completed, the principal and interest are received from the financial institution.

Low Complexity / Low Volatility

Medium- and long-term debt mutual funds

Mutual funds that invest in short, medium and long term debt instruments, such as: time deposits, mortgage bonds, corporate bonds, Central Bank bonds.

Low Complexity / Medium Low Volatility

Balanced Mutual Funds

Combine investments in debt and equity instruments to balance, according to their investment strategy, capital preservation and capitalization.

Low Complexity / Medium Volatility

Foreign Currency

Foreign currency purchase and sale transactions.

Low Complexity / Medium Volatility

Equity Mutual Funds

Mutual funds that invest in capitalization instruments (equities).

Medium Complexity / High Volatility

National Actions

Instruments traded on the local stock exchange, representing ownership of a portion of the equity of a corporation or fund.

Medium Complexity / High Volatility

Financial Intermediation

Purchase and sale of instruments whose duration is less than 1 year. They can be: Bills of Exchange, CB Discountable Promissory Notes (CBDNPs), CB Resettable Promissory Notes (CBRNPs) and Bank Deposits.

Medium Complexity / Medium/Low Volatility

Public Investment Funds

It consists of pooling limited assets to invest in specific projects. Participants join through the purchase of quotas, which are traded on the stock exchange.

Average Complexity / Average Volatility

Private Investment Funds

Investment alternative that pools limited assets to invest in specific projects. Private investment funds are not publicly offered securities.

Medium Complexity / Medium Volatility

Fixed Income Instruments

Purchase and sale of debt instruments (fixed income). These instruments are debt issues made by the State or companies.

Average Complexity / Average Volatility

Mutual Funds aimed at Qualified Investors

By internal regulation, they are directed to those persons who can prove their status as qualified investors in accordance with the requirements of N.C.G. 216 of the SVS.

Medium Complexity / Medium Volatility

International equities, ETFs and international fund shares through foreign intermediaries

Buying and selling international stocks, ETFs and international fund shares in international markets through foreign intermediaries.

High Complexity / Medium/High Volatility

Experts with high
ethical standards

Governed by the highest ethical standards, we have no vested interests in the businesses we conduct, limiting the operations of our executives, among other measures.

In the midst of fluctuating financial scenarios, we offer the security that only an expert can provide, informing the changes in scenarios, new trends and projections that can make the difference in profitability.

We also have a research department that is in charge of permanently monitoring the markets, identifying new opportunities and warning about possible risks.

It operates with all the markets of the Santiago Stock Exchange.
No investments in own portfolio.
Free of conflict of interest.
Access to international markets.
Bond underwriting.
Links with international counterparties.