In an important step for the investment market, FYNSA agreed an alliance with the EFG Chile team, which will become part of the FYNSA group. This brings FYNSA's assets under management from US$1 billion to US$1.6 billion and reinforces its leadership as a financial and investment boutique in Chile and Peru.

It manages assets of around US$150 billion. EFG is a leading bank focused exclusively on private banking, of Swiss origin and global reach, dedicated to providing investment and wealth management services to private and institutional clients.

EFG's most important business areas are:

Investment Solutions: Focused on asset management.

Wealth Solutions: Offering expert management services to high net worth clients.

Research: Offering our clients in-depth analysis on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, quarterly or customized basis, with a global vision and local perspective.

Global Markets: Offering trading services to international clients, sophisticated private clients and external asset managers.

Financial Solutions: Offering a range of financing options for the construction of investment portfolios, as well as real estate financing in selected markets.